iSingPOP teaching and CD-recording week

We have long wanted to invite the amazing iSingPOP project into our school, and thanks to help with funding from the Methodist Chapel and Bosley St Mary's Church, we were able to do so in the week after SATs.

It was a fantastic experience - our vocal coach and project leader, Emma, spent the first two days teaching everyone the seven specially-written pop songs about Christian values - complete with actions. 

Then it was recording day, and we were joined in the church by sound engineers Rich and Joe, as well as Miz who was part of the beginning of the whole project and has now expanded it around the country. 

In separate groups, the children patiently did many a re-take of the start of the songs with unflagging energy and focus, and Rich spent a day remixing it all into a fantastic CD with the whole school singing on it.

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