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Bosley St Mary’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Hi everyone! I am Alison Williams and I am the Chair of our PTA with my trusty sidekicks Carol Lee as treasurer, Clare Calveley as secretary and Samantha Lovenbury as officer, to name a few.

The great news is that everyone is in the PTA as soon as they join our school, so why not join us for a brew and a biscuit at our next meeting to come and see what it is all about. We also have a Facebook page - search for us under Friends of Bosley St Mary’s PTA and see the latest bulletins as they hit the press.

We have many events during the year. Some are mainly for fun like the movie nights, bingo, beetle drive, discos etc. Others, like the Christmas and Summer fairs, are our main fundraisers for the school, this year we also held a Fashion Show!! Money raised goes towards buying much needed equipment and supporting school trips.


Since September 2018, we have purchased:

A new white board for KS2 and have one on order for KS1.

New chairs and tables for KS2.

Wooden furniture, flooring and plants for the outside classroom.

A new visualiser for KS1.

Paid for the coach to and from the panto for the whole school.

We have provided new blinds for KS1 &2.

We have committed to buying a parents shelter to save us from the weather whilst waiting for our little ones (so as not to be too selfish this will also double as an outdoor classroom to complement our other new outdoor classroom area).

We are also paying for the coaches for the whole school residential and day trip.

Some other small fun items such as Easter eggs for the children’s egg hunt and Music for the summer play have also been purchased.


Wow what a busy year I am sure you will agree.

In September 2019 we will be discussing further items the school would like us to fundraise for next year

Please come along as we really couldn’t be successful without everyone’s hard work and support.




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If you use Amazon you can now donate to the school at no extra cost to yourself.  Bosley PTA have signed up to the Amazon Smile programme which will donate a small percentage of the nett purchase price directly to PTA funds.  If you would like to participate (and remember, it doesn't cost you anything) then please follow this link: 

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