Collective Worship

Roots and Fruits

"A tree is known by its fruit."

Matthew 12.33

Roots and fruits is the Christian resource package that we use to support our collective worship. It is rooted in Bible teaching and 12 Christian Values represent the fruits that grow as the teaching is lived out in everyday life. Each half-term focuses on one value (theme) which links with the season of the church year.

This half-term our Christian value is forgiveness

Supporting our collective worship theme at home

Pray Together

Take Action

How can you show forgiveness? Maybe you could...

Show gratitude.  Focus on the things that you like about the person who has offended you and let them know by showing your thankfulness.  By doing so, your forgiveness will shine through.


Roots and fruits ensures that collective worship is in-line with the Evaluation Schedule for expectations of school worship by:

  • inspiring and being transformational
  • including a range of creative opportunities
  • devlops the Christian vision, values and ethos of the school


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