Dovedale: KS2 Residential, Day 3

Class: Class 2 Year: 2018 - 2019

Well, we all slept pretty soundly, in fact it was almost a case of fetching buckets of water to wake some of the younger sleepers for breakfast!

The continental breakfast was amazing - huge piles of croissants and Danish pastries as well as yoghurts - and that was after all the cereal and toast!

The weather was solid rain, so after packing everything up and clearing the dorms, we stayed inside, having a bit of a sing and watching the folk dancers practice one last time before the Rose Queen. Little did we know that they wouldn't be able to perform on the day due to ... even wetter weather! But we will find an opportunity before the end of term to show everyone their fantastic dancing this year, with a bigger team than before.

Quiet colouring and games time was offered to Y3/4 while Y5/6 tackled the infamous Pirate Game on a coordinates grid - always a riot because your fortunes can change so quickly!

As luck would have it, the sun came out just before our departure time, so we could enjoy lunch outside and then headed for Bosley in plenty of time for home time. We thanked the manager of Dovedale House who said what a pleasure it had been to host Bosley School. We too agreed how very friendly and helpful everyone at the hostel and from the Ranger Service had been to make our stay a really enjoyable and comfortable one.

We will be back!

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