Dovedale: KS2 Residential, Day 2

Class: Class 2 Year: 2018 - 2019

After a rather early start to say the least, ahem, (naming no names but it was NOT the girls' dorms or teachers' rooms... !!), we enjoyed a cooked breakfast and met our Peak National Park Educational Rangers for the day, Pete and Paul. They provided each group of four children with a bag of equipment for the tasks and challenges ahead, and after a think about our location and the local geography on a map, we set off. Mr Carberry joined us for the second day's walking too!

It was quite a similar route to yesterday, but in the reverse direction, and the weather was more mixed but we kept going! After the excitement of a slightly closer encounter with the farm life grazing the hills than we expected (!), our first challenge along the way was raft-building. We could only use sticks we'd collected, string and a blob of clay with which to make a passenger. We launched our rafts on the stiller water above the stepping stones and watched each one crash through the white water of the stepping stones and disappear downstream - it was a lot of fun!  We couldn't return along the other side of the river because it had burst its banks with the previous night's downpour, and had flooded parts of the pathway. So we had fun crossing the stepping stones once and then back again instead.

After a rather large and delicious ice-cream by the National Trust carpark, and a lunch sheltering under trees from the rain, we set off again, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, looking and listening carefully at different points along the way. We stuck a huge range of leaves on a sticky strip to show just how much biodiversity there was in one single slope, and bug-hunted in another spot. Finally, we had a dry-stone walling challenge to complete.

While some of us took the more gentle route down along the wall to the bottom of the hill, many of us scrambled with the rangers up to the ridge, where we had to walk carefully in single file. It felt VERY high up and the views down into Ilam village and across the valley were truly amazing. It was quite a steep scramble to zigzag down, too!  

We had the very important task of celebrating Milo's 8th birthday with a chocolate cake and candles before some games time/'down time' and a great tea of chicken burger, potato wedges, salad and (more!) chocolate fudge cake!

There was some great talent on display at our talent show, and most of us were more than ready for bed by the time hot-chocolate time (yes, more chocolate!) was over. Especially the teachers :)

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