Snow Day Research Homework for Class 2!

Date: 1st Mar 2018 @ 8:30am

Happy Snow Day, Everyone!

When you've enjoyed playing out and come back into the warm, please spend a bit of time researching two things:    

1.  Today is St David's Day and - believe it or not - the first day of spring surprise !   Find out five facts about St David's Day and make them into a mini Did You Know? poster.  


2. Omri went to the school library to find out about the Iroquois Indians - he found a 'grown-up' book but it had 500 pages and was difficult to read.  Can you help him out by researching:

- Are the Iroquois one tribe or a group of tribes?

- Where in America did they live?

- What did they eat? 

- What tools and weapons did they make?

- How did they farm?

- What did they wear?

- What different things did men, women and children do?

Happy March 1st, stay safe, and see you again back in school soon!   Mrs Mortishire-Smith



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