Building Houses for Little Pigs

Date: 13th Jan 2018 @ 11:36am

Class 1 finished their materials science topic by designing and building houses to keep little pigs safe from the Big Bad Wolf.  They were given different sorts of natural and man made materials and had to combine them to make a secure structure that would not be blown down by the Wolf (or Mrs Hadfield's fan).

The children worked in teams to design and build their structures, thinking carefully about how they could make it secure.  One team convcentrated very hard on the interior design (they were even overheard discussing what colour the door knob should be!) but all the rest thought very hard about making their structure stable.  Some groups tested different designs by blowing on their structure themselves.  There was also an innovative attempt to "reclaim" additional materials from the local area but unfortunately Mrs Hadfield confiscated the big wooden blocks!

Take a look at our pictures below.

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