Bosley Parent Teacher Association

What is the PTA?

Bosley Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a group of parents and staff who volunteer their time to help raise money. The money is spent on extra resources and donations towards school trips that are enjoyed by all our children.

All parents automatically become a member of the PTA when their child/children start at Bosley School.


Who are we?

The PTA have a committee who over see the running of the events and meetings. Positions held are Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and officers. 


What do we do?

Organise fundraising events for both children and parents.  Recently organised events include:

  • Easter Bingo
  • Movie Night
  • Christmas Fair and Activities
  • Beetle Drive

Over the last 12 months, Bosley PTA have raised over £5,000.  We have used this to fund a number of school trips and we are about to finance an outdoor sensory learning area. In the past Bosley PTA have paid for IPads, white boards, resource material and lots, lots more.


How Can I Help?

If you can help in any way it would be very much appreciated whether it is donating items for the fairs, raffle prizes, making teas and coffees or running a stall.  If you would like to get involved you can join us at any of the meetings advertised in the news letter.

New ideas for fundraising are always appreciated because more money that we raise, the more that Bosley children will benefit.

Everyone is always very welcome! 


Shop and Support Bosley PTA at the Same Time

If you use Amazon you can now donate to the school at no extra cost to yourself.  Bosley PTA have signed up to the Amazon Smile programme which will donate a small percentage of the nett purchase price directly to PTA funds.  If you would like to participate (and remember, it doesn't cost you anything) then please follow this link: 

Contact the School

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