Governors Consultation With Stakeholders

Stakeholder Consultation

What is the consultation about?
The Governing Board of Bosley St Mary’s C of E Primary School is recommending that Bosley School joins the Rural Church Schools Academy Trust (RCSAT) has consulted with stakeholders to seek their views.

Please find below an overview of RCSAT and details of the consultation process.

The consultation period ran from 9am Tuesday 2nd July to 5pm Wednesday 18th September 2019 and therefore is closed.

Open meetings were held in the school hall on Tuesday 9th July 2019 at 7pm and Thursday 5th September 2019 at 7pm and all stakeholders were invited to attend.

Stakeholders were welcomed to complete the attached questionnaire by 5pm on Wednesday 18th September 2019.

A summary of responses is now available and can be downloaded from the files at the bottom of the screen. The Governors extend their thanks to all stakeholders who contributed during the consultation process.

Files to download at the bottom of this page include a copy of the letter to parents, the presentation given to parents on Monday 1st July, information about RCSAT (including their governance and organisational structure) and the consultation process, along with a Stakeholder Questionnaire to be completed and returned to school by 5pm on Wednesday 18th September 2019

Rural Church Schools Academy Trust (RCSAT)
RCSAT is an established Academy Trust consisting of three rural Church of England primary schools:
   • Bunbury Aldersey school, a school with a capacity of 210 pupils;
   • St. Oswald’s Worleston, a school with a capacity of 105 pupils;
   • Warmingham, a school with a capacity of 90 pupils.
These three schools came together to form an equal partnership in a Multi-Academy Trust, sharing specialist and administration services, as well as developing leadership, governance and best practice in teaching and learning, wholly for the benefit of the pupils in the schools.
The additional capability created by bringing schools into a single grouping has provided opportunities for specialised leadership and support across the RCSAT, such as SENCO, subject leaders, curriculum themes and flexibility, combined governance and the development of inter-school sporting and other competitiveness.
Governors, teaching and non-teaching staff care passionately about the care and development of all the pupils in the schools, doing their utmost to ensure that they thrive in their lives, develop the thirst, the excitement and the skills to learn holistically and to embrace being a part of the RCSAT “family”. Their ethos is strongly Christian and they welcome all who share that ethos.

Their Mission Statement is:
RCSAT nurtures the unique potential of every child through our Christian values.

Please click here if you would like to be directed to RCSAT's webpage

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