Class 2 2016 - 2017

Mrs Mortishire-Smith

Mr Barard

Mrs Morgan

Mrs Burton

Mrs Burton is the school Admin Officer

Welcome to the 2017 Summer Term in Class 2!

Our aims for Class 2:

  • to ensure that everyone is supported, challenged and makes good progress at their own level.
  • to help create independent, resourceful and co-operative learners who can think for themselves and organise themselves and their equipment.
  • to provide stimulating, active, enquiry-based lessons which make learning fun!


Mrs Mortishire-Smith teaches the class from Monday until Thursday lunch time.

Mr Barard takes the class on Thursday afternoons and all day Friday.

Mrs Morgan works with and supports individuals and groups of children, mainly in the mornings.

Miss Forbes teaches PE on Tuesday afternoons with an ASM sports coach.

Mrs Hadfield is our student teacher in class until mid-June.

TOPIC - Our term's creative topic continues with TIME TRAVELLING. As well as imaginative writing opportunities for creating our own time machines and destinations, we will transport ourselves back around 70 years in time and 150 years in time to discover what life at Bosley school and village was like for the evacuees who came to Bosley from Manchester at the start of WWII, and then in Victorian times where our logbooks give lots of clues as to school life at the time. This focus will be  historical and geographical, with investigation of artefacts, documents, photos/maps and talking to local people. We are planning our own Victorian school day, and a trip dressed as evacuees to the Evacuee Experience in the church and air raid shelters on Mow Cop, followed by a session in Congleton Museum.

LITERACY - Reading – our once-weekly guided reading groups are important and enjoyable times, along with individual reading, during the twenty minutes before lunchtime. We benefit from several adult volunteers who hear readers once a week, and at different points, many children are also involved in the 10-week Better Reading Partners programme to boost confidence, progress and enjoyment.


Writing, comprehension and other literacy will mainly be connected with our current time travel topic and class novel - Goodnight Mr Tom - putting into action our spelling and grammar learning and developing clear, accurate and fluent writing style. We will focus on being editors of our own writing.


Handwriting, SPaG (spelling, punctuation & grammar) and Phonics Groups begin at 8:50am, during registration and continue through the first half hour of the mornings.


MATHS - we will be learning about TIME, and then revisiting all operations of number work, including fractions and decimal calculations, and also on shape, space and measuring this term. Practical problem-solving and investigations always require the children to think independently put together a wide range of knowledge and skills Times table-learning and timed testing takes place regularly.


SCIENCE/Design & Technology - will have a physics focus, looking at sound and light, and our work is always practical and investigative.


ICT – following a year of specific skills lessons , the children will continue to use and practise more of the functions of Word and Powerpoint independently in their class work.

R.E. - we will think about what different sacred texts teach people, how they influence people and why they matter. We will also look at how Christians see God and how they live their lives as 'disciples'.

Social/Moral/Spiritual/Cultural and British Values - will be taught and reflected on this term through assemblies and R.E. lessons, focusing particularly on the themes of changes, friendships & relatioinships, and respect. We will also find out about the general election process as we witness voters coming to school on June 8th,  and what a democracy means.


P.E. this will follow a cricket and athletics programme on Tuesdays, and rounders on Thursdays.

MUSIC – We will learn songs for this term's focus values friendship and respect, and the Lord's Prayer as well as for our end of term Leavers' Service. This term, our Love Music Trust tutor Mrs Finlow develops our musical skills further – rhythm, listening, memory, composition and group work - through djembe percussion with a little song and dance too. Mid-June sees the return of our popular performing arts week with visiting workshops on African dance and music, among others.



SPaG (Spelling, punctuation & grammar) - Children in this group each have a workbook to write in, which follows on from their learning in class. Pages to be completed are typed out and stuck in the yellow homework journals. This homework is given out on Thursday for handing in on Monday; Tuesday at the latest please. Do please ask if anything is unclear at any stage.


Spellings - All Class 2 children are in levelled spelling groups. Those following the phonics programme with Mrs Morgan have spellings from these sessions to learn at home. Spelling tests take place first thing on Thursday mornings. New spellings are also stuck in homework journals on Thursday. Please encourage your child to learn their spellings each day by writing them out, and see if they can put the words into sentences too.


Times table learning -In class the children have a timed test frequently, working their way through the times tables in a given order, both multiplication and division, to improve their quick-recall personal best. The children have been given various games ideas and methods to help them learn these, including times table square grids and making flash cards of those they want to target. Please ask if you would like more ideas.

It is crucial to know times table facts confidently to progress with mastery in Maths.


Reading - All children choose a book at the appropriate level on our new reading scheme, and have a reading diary. It makes a real impact on their progress if they are heard reading aloud by an adult at home every day where possible. Please sign and make a note in their diary so that your child can be rewarded with a raffle ticket the next day! Other books are available for borrowing from the school library and class shelves at any time.


The children always need their YELLOW HOMEWORK JOURNALS handy in school.

Thank you for your support and involvement – please don’t hesitate to get in touch at any point with questions or concerns.

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