Class 2 2017 - 2018

Mrs Mortishire-Smith

Mrs Hadfield

Mr Barard

Mrs Morgan

Welcome to the 2017 Autumn term in Class 2!



Our aims for Class 2:

  • to make sure that everyone is provided for and makes good progress at their own level.
  • To ‘grow’ independent, resourceful, and co-operative learners who can think creatively and organise themselves and their school equipment.
  • to provide stimulating, active, enquiry-based lessons which make learning fun!
  • to encourage a ‘growth mindset’ that says “I can do it if I persevere…” - that it’s all about the learning journey and reflecting on every step!


Mrs Hadfield teaches the class on Monday and Tuesday

Mrs Mortishire-Smith teaches the class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Mr Barard takes a Maths group each morning.

Mrs Morgan works with and supports individuals and groups of children, both in and out of class. She also oversees the library and our reading scheme/system.


Wednesday afternoons: PE lesson with ASM sports coaches & Music lesson with Love Music Trust tutor Mrs Vaughan.


TOPIC Our term's creative topic is PIRATES! In fact, the whole school is busy with this same theme in every area of the curriculum! We will be getting stuck into the geography of compasses and map work and islands, along with some famous pirates in history – both real and fictional …


Art/design will use a range of media and techniques for our topic: printing, line drawing, paint, modelling and collage.



Reading - guided reading groups & independent comprehension activities take place straight after lunchtime, throughout the school. Volunteer adults hear individual readers on some mornings, and extra reading support where needed will take place mainly in the afternoons – this term, the Toe by Toe programme. Children are benchmark-assessed whenever they reach the end of a level in our reading scheme.


Writing and other literacy will often be connected with our current topic, putting to use spelling and grammar skills and developing clear and imaginative writing with flow: to start with, there will be many short writing tasks to build up our experience playing with words, including poetry, persuasive writing and newspaper-report writing.


Handwriting, SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar) and Phonics Groups are first thing to happen every morning. Handwriting is linked with spellings in the case of most children.


MATHS The class is divided into two groups, Number Ninjas and Mathemagicians, often with smaller groups within these. We will focus this half term on practical activities and tasks to mastering understanding of place value and all operations of number work. Project maths work will look at shape and measure, and apply numberwork skills. Times table 5-minute challenges takes place most days before lunch.


SCIENCE/Design & Technology - will have a physics focus this term, looking at the earth/planets and space – explaining the movement of the earth and moon, and day/night. This will include a trip to Jodrell Bank to look at the exhibitions and take part in a day of workshops during our annual Science Week, when we will also have other science-based activities happening in school.


RE - we will be learning about certain aspects of Islam – why the Prophet Muhammed is important to Muslims; also, how Muslims care for the environment and help others in need, according to their beliefs. At Harvest Festival, we will look into the work of the UK Christian charity Send a Cow in Africa, and take part in their Christian values in action: hope, stewardship, justice and compassion.


Social/Moral/Spiritual/Cultural and British Values - will be taught and reflected on this term through assemblies and RE lessons, focusing on the themes of new beginnings, getting on and falling out, thankfulness and trust. The election of a new School Council each September gives us the opportunity to think about the British value of democracy as we put it into action ourselves, and November Remembrance helps us focus on sacrifice, courage and resilience.


PE with a specialist coach, the children will be learning ball and tactical skills needed to play invasion games outdoors – for example, football, tag rugby, hockey, handball, basketball and netball. We will take pirate inspiration for lessons of drama and dance!


MUSIC - learn songs for this term's focus values thankfulness & trust, as well as for Harvest and Remembrance, leading also in Christmas and songs relating to our topic.

Love Music Trust teacher Mrs Vaughan teaches a curriculum music lesson of rhythm, singing, listening, composition, group work and other musical skills.



SPaG (Spelling, punctuation & grammar). Children in this group each have a workbook to write in, which follows on from their learning in class. Pages to be completed are typed out and stuck in the yellow homework diary. This homework is given out on Friday for handing in by the following Wednesday at the latest please. Do ask if anything is unclear at any stage!


Spellings. All Class 2 children are in levelled spelling groups. Spelling tests now take place first thing on Monday mornings and the children have their spelling lists for the entire term. The children are being taught a range of strategies to learn their spellings – do encourage them to share these with you!

More information on spellings in Class 2, including the spelling lists, can be found here.


Maths. The Number Ninjas group has weekly Maths homework, given on a Wednesday for the following Wednesday.


Times table learning. In class the children have a timed test most mornings before lunch, working their way through the times tables and number bonds in a given order, to improve their quick-recall and personal-best time. The children will build up various games ideas and methods to help them learn these, including times table square grids and making flash cards of those they want to target. Please ask if you would like more ideas!

It is vitally important to know number bonds and times table facts confidently to progress with understanding in Maths.


Reading. All children choose a book at the appropriate level on our new reading scheme, and have a reading diary. It makes a real impact on their progress if they are heard reading aloud by an adult at home every day where possible. Please make a note in the diary so that your child can be rewarded with a raffle ticket the next day! Other books are available for borrowing from the school library and class shelves at any time.


The children always need their YELLOW HOMEWORK DIARIES handy and their READING DIARIES in school.


A note about lunch time- lunchtime in the hall now takes place in two sittings. Juniors don’t have their lunch until 12:30pm, so they may like to bring or buy a healthy snack for morning break time.


A note about PE kit – please keep PE kit in school for every day and certainly for Wednesdays. A letter is sent home to the parents of any child without a complete PE kit for the Wednesday coaching. For PE, earrings cannot safely be worn, so the children will need plasters to cover them over if they can’t be removed yet.

Please – as in any primary school – our rules ask for no jewellery (plain studs only, if ears are pierced), no nail-varnish at any time, and long hair always tied back neatly.


Thank you for your support – please don’t hesitate to get in touch at any point with any questions or concerns.


Mrs Mortishire-Smith & Mrs Hadfield




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